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    Todd Miranda

    Todd Eliott real estate

    Todd Miranda
    Merrick NY
    Battered Women and Children Foundation


    Todd Eliott real estate was founded in 2010 by todd Miranda with the goal of providing unprecedented training, and growth opportunities for new and experienced agents Todd has provided ethical service to the community for over 32 years.

    Todd believes fair housing and agent ethics are of the utmost importance


    Todd Miranda

    Todd is a pioneer and leader in the real estate Community. Todd was first licensed in 1988 and serves on multiple leadership committees for the long island board of realtors and the new York state association of realtors.
    Todd grew up in wonderful merrick NY and has been training agents since 2010.

    Todd is the founder of the battered women and children foundation and is head coach of beth page pal u11/12 soccer.

    Since 2010 Todd and his teams have helped over 1500 families own their first home.
    Homeownership is at the core of the mission statement and helping families achieve the American dream.

    Executive Leadership

    Erik Swensen

    Licensed Senior Agent
    +1 (516) 840-1226

    Eddie Sultan
    Licensed Senior Agent
    +1 516 778- 6682

    Diana Gonzalez
    Office Manager
    +1 516-344-5445

    Jeffrey Lai
    Licensed Agent
    +1 516-344-5445

    Carmen Noest
    Licensed Agent
    +1 516-344-5445

    Bob Noest
    Business Manager

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